About Beknown

Oh, hey, you're here to learn more about us?  Let me introduce myself - I'm J.J. Markus, creator of Beknown.  I started this brand after seeing a gap in the market of custom designed premium headwear and apparel.  You see, my first entrepreneur venture was starting a Marketing Business - Markus Marketing.  We service small businesses in our area and brought affordable websites and advertising to dozens of surrounding communities. 

My wife is also an entrepreneur.  Ashley owns and operates Basic Bits, the nations largest retailer of women's ponytail hats.   To say that she knows hats is an understatement, and being married to her certainly expanded my knowledge. 

We launched Beknown as a full blown e-commerce store with caps featuring sayings and slogans that I thought were great.  We did well at first, but the sales were underwhelming.  Until one day, one of my marketing clients asked if we could make him a dozen hats with his business logo on them.

I thought about it for a second, then replied "Damn right we can".  We went to work, finding a laser engraver locally and burning logos in leatherette materials to apply on caps.  Shortly after posting about these new hats we were doing, shit hit the fan.  We had businesses reaching out constantly asking about these custom caps, which then led us to apparel and accessories.  Our attention to detail and commitment to only selling premium products made the B2B side our business explode. 

So here we are, focusing 110% of our time and energy on the custom branded business and organization items.  It's an incredible feeling seeing the smile on our customers face when they see their logo on top-quality merchandise that they can share with their customers.